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Axel Achten

A multi-disciplinary profile at the service of your web project.

Graduated from the Institut des Arts de Diffusion (IAD, Louvain-La-Neuve) where I followed the « multimedia » course, I’ve had the chance to gain knowledge and experience in various media fields.

As much as I kept being faithful to my passion for web development and design, I also had the occasion to work as an audio-visual technician, video editor, commercial advisor, and event manager throughout the years – which makes me able to see your project from various angles and to advise you not only from a purely technical point of view, but from a larger perspective, reconciling technical and artistic facets of any project.

Proud of fifteen years of experience in web development, I had the chance to personnaly take part in the development of various large and famous projects for different belgian agencies such as VO!CE (VO Group) and The Oval Office.

As a web developper and as a web team manager, I’ve had the chance to successfully complete web projects for the Vlaamse Overheid, Innoviris, the Federal Truck,, the Horta Museum or the Bicentenary of the Battle of Waterloo.



Web and medias are more than just work. Those are part of the things that I’m passionate about in my life.



I started developping web pages and sites in 2000, even before I started college. Since then, I had the chance to work on awesome projects.



Since a few years, I’ve been successfully leading teams of developers and designers in various projects.



As much as I understand the need to stay within a budget, I’m not the kind to leave anything to chance. If something is off by two pixels, we’ll correct it.

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